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Want to raise money for charity AND have fun? CSTS in Vancouver TOMORROW!

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CSTS 2011 Vancouver

*Update: added Avalon Recovery Society to funding recipients*
It’s that time of year again – time to don your Jayne Hat, count up your pennies and head into Vancouver to the Macmillan Space Centre for Can’t Stop The Serenity! By my calculations this will be the 5th year we’ve attended and it is THE ONE event we really look forward to. Great people, awesome entertainment and a fantastic day out for everyone. How many Jayne Hats will we see this year?

The whole idea behind CSTS is to raise money for charity by screening Joss Whedon’s film ‘Serenity’, holding auctions of really cool items and giving everyone a darned good shindig to look forward to. The main charity is ‘Equality Now‘ and CSTS Vancouver also gives some of the proceeds to BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre Foundation and this year they have added the Avalon Recovery Society, which runs drop-in centres in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area.. This is why it is important:

This is what is in store for us tomorrow:

You’ve asked for it and here it is (always subject to change, of course):

10:30am Doors open
11:00 Brief introduction, then singing along to Dr. Horrible
11:55 Evil Laugh contest
12:15 An episode of Mind My Brains, Darling
12:25 Reaver Dance
12:35 Animism
1:00 Firefly Trivia Bingo
1:40 Episode 12 of Standard Action
2:00 Live Auction
2:35 Costume Contest parade and awarding of prizes
3:00 Close silent auction
Draw for Fan Expo ticket prize
Door prizes
Joss’s Equality Now speech
CSTS introduction
5:30 Announcement of winning bidders in the silent auction

There are still tickets left. Ticket sales at La Fontana will end at noon on Friday and on the blog at midnight. Any tickets left will be available at the door.

(from the Vancouver CSTS blog)

Hope we see you there! Here’s some photos from last year:

…and a video we did from 2010.

Looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow!


HigletFilms at VCON 35 – help needed!

VCON 35 promo poster

VCON 35 promo poster

See you in Vancouver?

Last night we confirmed our table in Artists Alley at VCON 35 – “…the oldest general-interest science fiction and fantasy convention in Canada and the Pacific Northwest… (see We are very excited about being there. Since we moved to Canada in 2007 we’ve been promising ourselves we will go, and this year will be be taking our new webseries there.

From the VCON 35 Press Release:

“VCON offers every science-fiction and fantasy fan something to satisfy the imagination. This year, in addition to our three Guests of Honour: author Cherie Priest, artist James Beveridge, and musician Heather Dale, we are very fortunate to have a brilliant lineup of writers, artists, editors, filmmakers, scientists, musicians, and Steampunk experts.”

What do YOU want to see there?

We’re already making plans for the display and items to take but here’s where you can help. What are your experiences of Cons  – what attracts you to a table, and what swag do you like to buy/be given? Are you going to be there? Would you like to help on the table? Let us know in the comments – thanks!

More details coming very soon…

VCON 35 quick info


Happy Birthday, Felicia!


Felicia Day interview

Taken from my interview with Felicia Day

BC Browncoats have their say

During the Vancouver Can’t Stop The Serenity event, the BC Browncoats had this to say to Felicia Day:

🙂 Shiny!

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Can’t Stop The Serenity, Vancouver: Event video!


CSTS Vancouver 2010 Jayne Hats

(Some of the Jayne hats, from Serena’s photos)

So very Shiny!
Last Saturday was the 5th Annual “Can’t Stop The Serenity” (CSTS) event in Vancouver – and what a time was had. From 10:30 onwards there was a feast of entertainment and camaraderie with a Dr Horrible sing-along, screening of The Masked Roger and Browncoats: Redemption first cut, bingo, costume competition and, of course, SERENITY! CSTS is an annual charity fundraising event that takes place to raise money for Equality now and local charities. We took our new camera and made a little film….

…and at the end is a birthday shout-out to someone….(see here for who!)

So many Browncoats…

It was a packed, too, with tickets selling out on the day. People who were in the MacMillan Space Centre for other things were drawn to the event and two people asked me what it was all about – one of whom was a Joss fan who will hopefully be joining the BC Browncoats now. I will be blogging about the event later, but for now you can find lots more photos from the day at the BC Browncoats Meetup site.

Thank you to Gayle, Serena and EVERYONE who made the day such a brilliant event. All the money raised there goes to Equality Now and BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre Foundation. We’re looking forward to next year’s already!

Music matters:  The song on the video is “Look at The Moon” by Killingstars (wow – they look really cool! :))

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