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Indie Intertube 100th show plus Audience Choice Award: Vote Now, Vote Often!

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Rob Pagett smexily dressed

Robb Padgett, dressed for Smex-cess?

Yesterday marked the two-year, one hundredth episode anniversary of the weekly podcast, Indie Intertube. The show was lots and lots of fun with phone-in guests, a packed chat room and some huge announcements. One of the revelations was the names of the finalists in the ‘Smexy’ (smart and sexy) Male and Female categories:


  • Alexis Boozer, Leap Year
  • Emma Caulfield, Bandwagon
  • Felicia Day, DragonAge: Redemption,
  • Jo Bozarth, Cupid and Eros
  • Taryn O’Neill, Once Upon
  • Stacy McQueen, Pretty
  • Kelsey Robinson, Girl Parts


  • Robb Padgett, Vampire Zombie Werewolf
  • Michael Caruso, Devanity
  • Bryan Michael Block, Aiden 5
  • Joel Bryant, Suck and Moan
  • Dingani Beza, Asylum
  • Brendan Bradley, Pretty
  • Woody Tondorf, Video Game Reunion
If you listen to the show you will find out how many of these nominees have been kissed by David Nett….

This year there are going to be 51 total categories including separate Soap awards, four music awards and two ‘innovation’ awards. Most awards will have seven nominees, too. The nominations will hopefully be announced next week and there was also a lot of discussion about how the awards are going to be judged. It isn’t going to just be decided by Amanda and April. They are also having judging help from creators (in categories they are not nominated in), press and fans, so every decision will be considered, debated and argued over.

As from NOW, though, you can vote on the Audience Choice Awards over at IndieIntertube.tv – and you can keep on voting until next Wednesday. The number of votes you can cast is UNLIMITED, so hit f5 to refresh and get those votes in! Some shows are already leading the way. Make sure your favourites are going to be in the Top Ten Nominees because next week only the top ten will go through to the next round. And yes, we were thrilled to see ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!‘ was in the running 🙂

You can listen to the whole show, here:

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Like many creators, we wanted to celebrate 100 episodes of awesome and had planned to shoot a little sketch. Unfortunately I’ve been ill this week so this was the best I could do. Happy Anniversary April and Amanda!

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