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    HigletFilms was created in 2010 by Mary Higgins (WorldofHiglet) and hubby, Paul, as a showcase for their experimental web video/new media/webseries/web tv work.

    Their new webseries, 'Mind My Brains, Darling!' is now showing on Blip.tv.

  • Mind My Brains, Darling! Season 1

  • Goodnight Princess Omnibus (Acts 1-3)

  • Interview with Felicia Day

Chance to hear “Broken Lullaby” remix first..


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HigletSounds – where the good stuff will be at (eventually)

Setting up an empire is hard work – no sooner have you done one thing then there’s twenty other things demanding your attention. And you know what? Sometimes girls just wanna have fun. When we released Goodnight Princess only 3 weeks ago, one of the comments that kept coming up was that people like the theme – were humming it all day. That wasn’t a surprise – I’ve not been able to stop singing it for weeks!

And so, while taking a rest from the day job and all the good stuff coming down the line in the next few weeks, hubby has rustled up a remix that will melt your heart.

Be the first to hear Broken Lullaby (Goodnight Princess Theme)!

To celebrate the release of the Goodnight Princess Omnibus today (all 3 Acts together), we are running a little competition – and it’s so easy to enter:

The first FIVE people to comment on the Goodnight Princess Omnibus on YouTube (follow this link) after 6:00 PM PST today, May 25th 2010 will receive an MP3 copy of the song free, gratis and for nothing. Simple!


1. You HAVE to comment on the Goodnight Princess Omnibus on YouTube (follow this link)

2. You need to be subscribed to EvilWorldofHiglet’s channel on YouTube and add as friend so we can send messages to each other (follow this link to go to EvilWorldofHiglet’s channel on YouTube).

If you are one of the first five I will email you via YouTube and arrange to email the song to you. That’s it.

What happens if you want the song but you are not in the first five? Fear not….

CDBaby – everyone is doing it!

Broken Lullaby cover

I love artist that go ahead and get things done. I’ve had the privilege of meeting people like Megan Lynch and Marian Call on Twitter and Friendfeed and their determination has been an inspiration. Being a music industry survivor, we were hesitant to jump back into it again, but CDBaby.com makes it relatively easy. In the next couple of weeks “Broken Lullaby” will be available there under our label, HigletSounds. It’s not live at the moment because it takes time for them to get things set up. So stayed tuned – when it’s all up and running we’ll let you know.

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