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    HigletFilms was created in 2010 by Mary Higgins (WorldofHiglet) and hubby, Paul, as a showcase for their experimental web video/new media/webseries/web tv work.

    Their new webseries, 'Mind My Brains, Darling!' is now showing on

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Dr Horrible joins G+ – Don’t Be Evil?

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Dr Horrible Team

Dr Horrible Team from the official G+ account

Dr Horrible has been back in the news recently. EW reported that Dr Horrible is going to be aired on TV on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. on The CW channel and the @drhorrible Twitter account has started tweeting again. It was widely reported during SD Comic Con that Dr Horrible 2 is going to happen, but there was no dates given because of timetabling the main stars.

Dr Horrible was the first webseries I ever heard of (The Guild being the first I ever watched), and the first webseries we ever made was set in the Evil League of Evil Application Processing Office. I’m always interested in the Doctor’s doings, so when a friend of mine on Google +, Chris Kim A, sent me a link to a G+ Dr Horrible account I was intrigued. I tweeted @drhorrible and got this response:

Dr Horrible G+ tweet

It’s an interesting development, and you have to wonder how it ties in with Google’s (in)famous ‘Don’t Be Evil’ informal motto. I’m hoping that Louis Gray doesn’t have to intervene.

Dr Horrible on G+

Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon on G+

Jed Whedon on G+

Felicia Day on G+

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Hanging out with Friends – Tonight!

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Efehan Elbi and Nathan FillionEfehan Elbi and some other guy

I’m not sure when I first met Efehan. It was Felicia Day’s fault, I do know that. We met on The Flog and early Guild forums, which spilled over to Twitter and everywhere else. Efehan is an amazing artist/animator/musician/creator and when I first saw his animation ‘So Then, Don’t Wait‘ I was transported. His recent work includes the cerebral webseries ‘Family Contact‘ ¬†and this video for Jed Whedon’s ‘Ancestors’:

After all this time we have never spoken, but tonight at 9 PM PST we are going to try a Hangout on Google+. You are very welcome to join in the fun! You can find me on Google+ here and Efehan is on Google+ here. Hope to see you!

In the meantime you might enjoy this video from Efehan – a different version of the ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ animated intro:


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