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CTW6 update: weekend of shooting!

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Rob Hunt, CTW6 Team BREW DP in action

Rob Hunt, CTW6 Team BREW DP in action

After a packed weekend of shooting our ‘Celebrate The Web’ (CTW6) pilot, thought I’d take a little time out to post a couple of pics and let you know how it’s going for Team BREW. We did all the filming in 2 days and now we are editing and sorting out music and all the post production things that need to be done.

A HUGE thank you to Rob Hunt for coming over on Sunday. Having Rob as Director of Photography really taken things to the next level for us. His vast experience with Standard Action and his other works was invaluable and gave us a new perspective on things. Plus, it was great fun even in the incredible heat.

We are also going to be announcing the other members of Team BREW later, people who have stepped in to really help out with all the post work that needs to be done at short notice. Thank you!!!

I’m not going to give anything away about the pilot itself. This is something new, and we think it will totally [censored] your [censored] off. Paul’s suggested motto for Team BREW:

flare sanguinem super clamans facies

I’ll leave you with that for now…


Celebrate The Web 6: last hours for submission – tomorrow we are GO!

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Mind My Brains Darling set building 3

Picture not related - everything for CTW6 will be brand new!


Did you get your submission in for CTW6 yet? If not, hurry up because there are just hours left! We announced we were going to take part last week, and we can’t wait 🙂 Tomorrow (Thursday 10th May 2012) at 10:00 AM PST Celebrate The Web 6 will be officailly started, LIVE ON LIP.TV The LIVE STREAM will be here:


I’ve just checked with @CelebrateTheWeb on twitter about what the deadline is and they have confirmed that as long as THE FORM AND PAYMENT are submitted and accepted before the live broadcast, teams will be registered:

CTW 6 submission timeline


If you are unsure about what CTW 6 is, then check out the post about the rules – and there is lots more information about CTW on the site, too.

The challenge of creating a new pilot in only a week from scratch is absolutely thrilling. And scary! But more exciting than scary. I think. Tomorrow at 10 we will get to hear our fate – the pilot elements we have to include – and then I’ll drafting up some ideas and plots ready for when Paul comes back from work. It will be great to go into production again. It’s been almost a YEAR since Josephine Hoy and Alan Douglas came over to shoot their episodes of ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ (what an amazing weekend that was. Hope we can work with those talented people again soon!).

To all the teams about to embark on this weeklong rollercoaster – good luck!


After MUCH deliberation about Team Names we think we have the definitive one. ‘BatStache’ was a real contender for a while but we didn’t want to tread on anyone’s toes (or wings). So it comes down to two other names:

  • Team BREW
  • The Pigeons

Which one should we use?