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    HigletFilms was created in 2010 by Mary Higgins (WorldofHiglet) and hubby, Paul, as a showcase for their experimental web video/new media/webseries/web tv work.

    Their new webseries, 'Mind My Brains, Darling!' is now showing on

  • Mind My Brains, Darling! Season 1

  • Goodnight Princess Omnibus (Acts 1-3)

  • Interview with Felicia Day

How do you prove to YouTube that you have the rights to your own work?


HigletFilms YouTube channel


YouTube – Monetise Yourself!

I’ve been on YouTube for a long time. Way before EvilWorldofHiglet or HigletFilms came along I was on there, and I’ve always quite liked the site. Sure – it’s chaotic, hard to navigate and reading comments will have you questioning your will to live – but I have always appreciated the fact that anyone, ANYONE, can upload their work there. When we were thinking about distribution options for ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!‘ we knew we had to be on YouTube, but chose Blip as a distributor because it seemed to make sense at the time (how that worked out is another post entirely).

In past I’ve had some brushes with ads being disabled on content on the EvilWorldofHiglet channel. Mostly this was due to bogus copyright claims, and this is a big problem on YouTube (as described here on However, I did manage to prove copyright and get the content back. Now there is a new type of problem. YouTube has expanded its Partnership program so that many more people can apply to have ads run against their content. That’s a great idea. BUT, (you knew there would be a BUT, didn’t you?) they are now clamping down and disallowing content even if there is no copyright infringement claims against your work.

Are you now, or have you ever been…

How does that work? Well, when you upload a video to YouTube you can choose to monetise the video if you have been accepted on the program. When I started uploading the ‘Behind The Scenes’ videos for MMBD, I thought I would try it out. I ticked the relevant boxes describing the content and certified that I owned all the rights to the material. The first two videos were accepted fine, and they are still monetised. However, shortly after uploading ‘Why We Developed BodyLineFilming Technique‘ on April 1st 2012 we had an automated email from YouTube stating:


“Dear higletfilms,

Thanks for submitting your videos for monetization. We have disabled monetization on the following videos because we were not able to verify that you have the appropriate commercial use rights for all included content:


If you can provide documentation that you have the necessary commercial use rights for all elements in your video, please take a moment to learn how to claim rights to a video, and then submit documentation using the links above.

Please note that we may only serve ads on advertiser-friendly content. YouTube reserves the right to make the final decision whether to monetize a video, and may disable monetization for users who repeatedly submit ineligible videos. If you currently have videos pending review, you may choose to opt them out of monetization by visiting


The YouTube Team

I followed the instructions on how to submit a claim and sent this back to them within an hour:

“This video is a behind-the-scenes look at why we chose to film our
webseries, ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ in BodyLine, a filming technique we
have perfected over 3 years.

All the video, stills and music were created for the webseries and we have
full and exclusive rights to all materials – video, sound, music, graphics
and everything else. See our websites at and

If you require more proof please indicate how this might be done and what,
in particular, caused you to disable monetisation on this video so we might
provide you with the materials you need.

We are hopeful that we will receive a prompt response to this since we have
replied within 30 minutes of receiving notification, even though it is 1:38


Mary Higgins”

Then, we waited, bemused that our Video Manager still showed this:

Congratulations! We need that in triplicate, and in a super-secret format…

And then this morning I received not one, but two emails from YouTube Partner Support. Lucky me! Only, not really.

Email 1:


We haven’t been able to confirm that you have the necessary rights to commercially use all the video material and music from the information you’ve given us, so we ask that you provide written documentation substantiating your claim.

YouTube is not in a position to offer legal advice or to counsel you in any way. However, we have listed some elements below which we have seen in contracts to give you a sense of the types of documents we receive.

-explicit permission to use the rights holder’s content commercially (example: “I, rights holder’s name, give your name or channel’s name, the right to use my original content commercially.”)

-electronic signature with date (this can be as simple as the rights holder writing out full name at the bottom of the document)

Please be sure to pay attention to any limitations and/or conditions specified by the rights holder concerning your use of the content.

Once you have the appropriate contract, please email it to us as an attachment.

If you would like to monetize videos that contain third-party content that you have permission to use commercially, please refer to our Monetization FAQs at….”

Second email:


Thanks for submitting your video for monetization. We need you to provide documentation proving you own the necessary commercial use rights to all sound recordings, musical compositions, performances, video material.

Simply stating that you own the rights to the content may not be sufficient. You must be as specific as possible whenever asked to make a claim on a video.

– If you created your own music, please provide the following information: Artist, Song, Music Composer/Lyricist/Publisher, Music Label (if any)/your relationship with Music Label, Rights Owner’s Name and Contact Information, Your Name (first/last).

– If you created original music or visuals from software, please provide the name of the software and a link to its license terms.

– If you used stock music or visuals from software, please provide the name of the software and a link to its license terms.

– If you used royalty-free music, please provide the following information: Name of the track, Artist of the track, Direct URL of the track, Link to the license terms.

– If an unsigned group or your friend gave you permission to use their song, please provide written consent for your commercial use from the copyright owner(s). To learn about what YouTube looks for in your documentation, please refer to

– If your video includes any third party music, sound effects or visuals, please provide us with the source and license terms.

To learn about what kind of content is monetizable on YouTube, please refer to our Monetization FAQs at


Once more, with documentation?

I thought that the information I sent to them would be enough, but apparently not. So now I need to find a way to word a response that will satisfy them that I have all the rights to all the content. Perhaps I will just send them this:


Why this is important

Granted, our viewing figures on YouTube are tiny, and we are not suffering a loss of income at the moment. BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT. ANY MINUTE NOW our videos could be picked up, linked to or tweeted by a famous person, and then we would lose the potential to earn revenue. And we are not the only people this is happening to. Many YouTube users, including members of the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV), have been having similar problems. If smaller creators are ever going to have a chance of earning any sort of money via their content, these sorts of issues have to be addressed.

YouTube needs to find a way to protect themselves from copyright claims that does not mean that content creators have to jump through ridiculous hoops to prove their claims. YouTube does give you examples of phrasings that might pass their automated tests, but obviously it doesn’t always work, and it is frustrating to be caught in this type of Brazil-type bureaucratic nightmare. Demotivating, indeed.

What can be done?

Firstly I would recommend that anyone hoping to monetise their videos makes a full and frank disclosure when they upload. And if your ads are disabled make sure you follow all the instructions. And then get really good at waiting.

I would like some more advice and guidance, too. If you have had videos removed or ads disabled, how did you deal with it? Would you like to see bodies such as the IAWTV put pressure on YouTube? Do you have any ideas how the situation could be resolved?

I would love to hear from you in the comments, on Twitter or Google+ so we can see how widespread the problem is.


Season 1 Hiatus


Dear Friends,
Paul’s Dad is very ill and he will be flying over to England as soon as possible. In the meantime we are suspending Season 1 of ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ updates and releases.

We are sure you will understand and as soon as we have a date to resume we will post details here.

Thank you for your understanding,

Mary and Paul

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4 days left on Funding Campaign – and new competition starts soon!


Paul takes a well-earned break on the 'Mind My Brains, Darling!' set

Updates and intrigues…

Last week we passed the milestone and reached our funding goal. We were so happy we released this little video:

Since then we have had more donations, which means that we have been able to upgrade our editing machine in preparation for filming. THANK YOU again to all the funders. The exclusive video will be finished for everyone who donated $10 or more will be shot very soon! If you want to donate there is still time to do so on our site.

Progress abounds!

The set is finished!!! All the building work is done and, bar a couple of minor pieces, it is ready! We’re now planning the filming and doing some test shoots for sound and lighting. This is a really exciting time – so much so it has left little time for blogging and updates. But all that is going to change because on Friday, the last day of our campaign, we will be launching a new competition that gives you the chance to have a part in Mind My Brains, Darling!

And it will be open to all, no matter where in the world you are. Is that intriguing enough for you…?


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Mind My Brains, Darling! at VCON: Day 1


Mind My Brains Darling at VCON

After a feverish few days getting things ready we’re here in Richmond, Vancouver for VCON 35. Not only is this the FIRST Con either of us have been to, it’s the first time we’ve been able to get displays together and show Mind My Brains, Darling! to a wider audience.

We’ll do some more detailed posting next week but some highlights already have been:

  • watching people see the teaser trailers for the first time and seeing the joy of the reveals. Some fantastic reactions so far
  • meeting other film makers and explaining about our Bodyline techniques
  • meeting lots of really friendly and talented people
  • the Riese, The Series panel where we found out more about when this steam-punk webseries will be out on Syfy (hint: soon!), how it was made and lots of hints and tips about webseries creation.
  • Meeting the Riese panel afterwards -they were really friendly and encouraging about Mind My Brains, Darling!
  • Seeing Stormtroopers in unexpected places 🙂

A full day here tomorrow and until 5:00 on Sunday, so lots of VCON left to enjoy.

We’ll keep you posted!


Production Log: Animator Announcement – Welcome, Efehan!

Rainfall animated short screenshot

Rainfall, an animated short from Efehan and friends

We have an Animator!

‘Project X’ is an all-new, live-action Rom-Zom-Britcom webseries. We’ll be announcing the name shortly when we launch out Indiegogo campaign, but some news is just too good to wait. We have the scripts, the world and the theme tune – but what about the opening sequence? We wanted to do a short animation but neither of us has done much animation and have little time to learn. Plus – we wanted everything to be to the highest possible quality, and nothing we were capable of was going to cut it.

Twitter to the rescue

One of the people I met early on Twitter was Efehan. We both shared a love of The Guild and admiration for what Felicia Day has done in building her webseries and community. We talked on Twitter, shared links and built up a friendship. When I saw his animation ‘So Then, Don’t Wait’ I was blown away. Amazing work!

Here is his most recent reel:

Grass and Sky, Efehan’s Animation Reel 2010 from Efehan on Vimeo.

When we announced the new webseries, Efehan asked whether we would be ready for Fall because he is showing some of his work in Toronto. He wanted to know if we were interested in showing some of the new series, which is a great idea and one we were happy to agree to. The discussion developed and – hooray! Our opening sequence is now under the talented direction of a professional!

More soon

It is very exciting to have someone of Efehan’s ability and outlook on board with Project X. After enjoying each other’s work for a long time it’s a whole new experience to work together on something, and it’s invigorating. Thank you, Efehan! I can’t wait to be able to show everyone what we’re working on.

Don’t forget!

You can connect with us here:

On Twitter

On Facebook – please ‘like’ and share our page so we can get a proper URL for it!


Higlet Films launches new website!

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Good news everyone!

Higlet Films logo

After years of creating content for the web, WorldofHiglet and hubby have finally wised up and have launched this site so they can showcase some of their work. Feel free to look around and explore, we’ll be adding more content soon.

Comedy: Evil League of Evil Processing Office

Drama: Goodnight Princess

Interviews: Felicia Day, Sean Becker and Cricket Lee

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