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    HigletFilms was created in 2010 by Mary Higgins (WorldofHiglet) and hubby, Paul, as a showcase for their experimental web video/new media/webseries/web tv work.

    Their new webseries, 'Mind My Brains, Darling!' is now showing on

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News Galore! Competition Winners, Shooting starts and more!

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Mind My Brains Darling setting up for Indie Intertube shoot

Mind My Brains Darling: setting up for Indie Intertube shoot

Where does the time go?

First, an apology to all those who entered our competition. We did intend to announce the winners at the end of December but, for reasons that will become apparent, we couldn’t do that. The entries we had were amazing and had us in stitches. Really, they far surpassed anything we thought we would get and selecting the winners was a really difficult task. And so we were left with a conundrum – how are we supposed to choose?? Originally we only had slots for three winners but because of the entries we received we decided to do some small rewrites and add three more. So without further ado we present the winners (in alphabetical order):

Christopher Feyrer

Megan Lynch

Mark Minson

Thomas Serio

Louis Srygley

Aaron Trahan

Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered, you really did us proud!

New Year, New Job

Paul started a new job recently which put a bit of a spanner in the works because we have had to redo our complete shooting schedule (but it’s a great job and he is doing magnificently, of course :)). There are still some bits to iron out but the best news is that shooting starts TODAY! With the plan we have now we won’t be finishing shooting until the end of March, but that’s fine – after months of writing, planning, testing and building we are finally IN PRODUCTION! YAY!

Scripty goodness

And big thanks to Miles Moss, who has helped tweak the scripts into lean, mean, laugh-inducing machines. We have tried to write within what we think we can accomplish technically, but – oh boy! – that has left a lot of room for some wild flights of fancy. We still have some props to finish so if you see any calls for help here or on Twitter and are in any way handy with a glue gun, please let us know!

Christmas cheer

We were busy over the holidays doing lots of prep, but also made a seasonal short – because it wouldn’t be Christmas without a turkey, now would it? In case you missed it, here’s our Holiday Special:

And there’s more…

Yesterday saw the First Annual Indie Intertube Awards, broadcast live on Ustream. The hosts Destini and Shadhavar presented a fantastic show which really celebrated all that is hot and streaming in web TV. We’ve been listening to their weekly podcast on Blogtalk Radio for nearly a year now and they have introduced us to some wonderful webseries. Their show is must-listen if you are in any way interested in web TV. They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the shows, creators and what’s going on. They also have weekly guests from the web TV world who share stories, advice and gossip from the trenches.  Since we’re only just in production now we weren’t up for any nominations, but we still managed to be a tiny part of it. They had put a call out for small clips to be included in the opening sequence. We sent in two and were thrilled they were both included. The show is embedded, below, and is well worth a watch:

(see if you recognise those people ar 2:00…)


All scripty and junk – production news!!

news, Production Log, webseries
KillingStars pics

KillngStars: Fine Indie Rock from the heart of Manchester circa 1996

Miles of fun!

Script editing is an art, and making sure we have cram-packed the most laughs per minute is something we take very seriously. Enter…the Moss! No, not Moss from the IT Crowd (although that would be funny in one way, his script editing prowess is a little more geared to Java and the like), but Miles Moss – writer, actor and drummer extraordinaire. We have known Miles for a long time. His sense of humour and timing are impeccable and writing credits are impressive. More excitement!

Progress – it’s getting closer!

Pre-production is still rolling on and while we iron out a few creases we’re polishing up scripts, setting up storyboards and making sure that when we shoot we have everything in place. We published the exclusive extra video for people who donated $10 or more to our Indiegogo campaign which was very well received.

Do YOU want to be in “Mind My Brains, Darling!”?

Don’t forget OUR COMPETITION where you could win a part in our brand new webseries – and you don’t even have to leave your house! All the details are here – get your entries in ASAP 🙂

More announcements really soon!

We’ve also recruited another member of the team and we’ll be announcing who really soon! And we have an upcoming interview on all about Mind My Brains, Darling! – so look out for that.


Funding update: THANK YOU!!!

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rom the set of Mind My Brains, Darling!

From the set of 'Mind My Brains, Darling!'...


It’s been a busy week, getting the set ready and doing admin-y things necessary so we can get the shooting schedule set up. We were creeping towards the Indiegogo Campaign deadline, too, so I tweeted this morning and then went out for the day, prop buying….

worldofhiglet tweet about indiegogo fundingA few hours later….

…I came back to some seriously amazing news. I checked out my emails and – we had reached our total!!! It took a little while to sink in…we were there! With two weeks to spare! Words can’t describe how I felt- still feel. It’s amazing…and it’s all down to YOU – the people who donated and everyone who spread the word!


This has been such a wonderful experience so far. Your generosity, support and help has been fantastic. We are the little webseries that could! We’ve recorded a little video for you tonight as a thank you and I’ll post that tomorrow when I’ve edited it. We filmed it on the set of ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ – the set that the money you donated helped pay for. It’s full steam ahead – more news soon!


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Caution: Set Building Ahead!

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Mind My Brains Darling set building1

Isabelle performs pre-work inspection

That’s handy!

After some research, planning and materials assessment we’re constructing the set at last! By tomorrow we will have the basic walls done and then comes the work of making them look like dining kitchen/living room. Once we’ve completed the work we will put up complete guide to the steps.

Mind My Brains Darling set building 3

Paul shows his best side

How clean is your garage?

One of the other arduous tasks we’ve had to do was to empty out most of the garage so we have a clear construction zone. It’s amazing how many packing boxes we still have from England! Now we have the room to set up and film, so things are moving forward.

Mind My Brains Darling set building 8

Working hardly...

Indiegogo funds – your dollars at work!

We are so thankful that we’ve managed to raise nearly 90% of our requested funds in our campaign so far and that is helping us build the set and upgrade our editing suite. There are 25 days left and hopefully we will raise the last $239 and reach our target. If you have donated then THANK YOU! and hope you’ve been to see your name up on the Thanks page. If you are thinking about donating then check out our two trailers and our campaign video. If we reach our target we get an extra 5% back from Indiegogo, so please help us out if you can.

Mind My Brains Darling set building 2

First panel complete - three more to go

We’ll post more pics soon!

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Production Log: Mala-Prop-ism

Production Log, webseries
Inspector Koenig shows off his Z-force privates

Inspector Koenig shows off his Z-force privates

Weekend shootings

Principle shooting for the trailers is DONE! We’ll be doing a couple of reshoots today and then it’s hunkering down in the editing suite (read: desk in bedroom) to Becker* them to perfection. We’ve had an intense couple of days and have some more production tips to pass along. Today: ALWAYS HAVE A SPARE!

Dollarstore doings

In our last production log we referenced pound and dollar stores as a source of dolly accessories. Of course, they are not just for sparkly streamers, you can buy a whole load of awesome and inexpensive props there. We needed some guns for Z Force and Koenig, the charming Inspector. The larger ones, like the one pictured above, are repurposed from items we had in the house already using black spray paint.

For Keonig, though, we needed a smaller kind of weapon. Enter the dollar store. Which we did, and purchased a variety of hand guns to see which would fit in the rather spanky shoulder holster he sports. We found the very piece and duly sprayed it. Job done.

Expect the unexpected

We were shooting a tightly choreographed (ahem) action sequence yesterday where Koenig has to pull his weapon (TWSS). It worked great in rehearsals and looked The Business. It looked great for first four times we shot it, too, while we captured all the angles we wanted for editing. Fifth time out – tragedy struck! The barrel caught in the holster and Keonig pulled out a truncated stump (TWS also S). Hilarious? Yes! Helpful? No!

For the sake of $1

Unfortunately we didn’t have a backup of the gun that fitted the holster and production halted while we worked out how to work around it. Luckily we managed just fine, but it would have been much more helpful to have a backup. So, kids, that’s the tip of the day. If you are using cheap plastic shinies expect them to break and plan accordingly.

The Happy Couple

And now, to reward you for reading this far, here’s a picture of the happy couple, Jeremy and Petunia. Ain’t love grand!

The happy couple, Jeremy and Petunia

dulce et decorum est pro Petunia zombie

* Becker, verb: to be confined to a small room/chair for extended periods while editing top-notch comedy webseries gold.

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“ProjectX” Production Log: Dolly Dilemmas

Production Log, webseries

Project X prologue screenshot

Inspector Koenig lays down the law. And paperwork.

So then, how are you?

We’ve been keeping tremendously busy preparing for our new webseries and working out how everything will, er, work. Who knew there was so much to do?? It’s all good, though, and things are racing along. Which brings us to this Production Log. I know lots of people are interested in webseries production: what goes on behind the scenes, what sort of decisions are made and why, how things are actually filmed.

Webseries production is relatively new and constantly evolving. We have limited personnel, funding and time, but I suspect that many others are in similar positions. This is bare-bones production, and all the more exciting for that. But the main things to know are:

  • we have an amazing script
  • a teaser prologue and a teaser trailer are under production at the moment
  • sets for the main series are under construction
  • costuming is 95% complete
  • Funding launch for is poised once the trailers are complete.

What’s going to be in this Production Log, then?

We will be using this blog as a Production Log, giving details of how we’re progressing in the production cycle, what challenges come up and how we’ve overcome the inevitable problems. Today we’re going to talk dollies. No, not Barbie and her friends.

From Wikipedia:

“In motion picture terminology, a tracking shot (also known as a dolly shot or trucking shot) is a segment in which the camera is mounted on a wheeled platform that is pushed on rails while the picture is being taken. One may dolly in on a stationary subject for emphasis, or dolly out, or dolly beside a moving subject (an action known as “dollying with”).

So how do you achieve a decent looking tracking shot without a steadicam or a dolly/truck?

If you can’t beg, borrow or steal one of the above, we have another suggestion. Try a cycle, a pushchair, a scooter or anything else with wheels to mount the camera on and take it from there. Here’s our solution from today’s shoot:

Bratz are dollies too

The Boy Wonder demonstrates his biking skillz. Yes, it’s his bike.

This gave us the height we needed for a sweet shot. It took a few passes to get it right but the results make it worth it. Don’t worry if your dolly doesn’t have sparkly streamers. You can easily pick them up at the Dollar Store/ Poundland. Customisation FTW.

Back to the fun!

P.S. – don’t forget you can connect with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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