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Congratulations to the Inaugural IAWTV Award Nominees, and all who Submitted!

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IAWTV nomination announcement

Yesterday the nominees for the first IAWTV Awards were announced live on What’s Trending. After a few technical hiccups the show powered through the nominees and withinin 15 minutes Shira Laza and Ethan Newberry had announced five nominees for each of the 32 categories.

The full list of nominees is on the IAWTV Awards website. After the nominations were announced there was a bonus extra video mashup of the nominees:

It was good to see that there was quite a wide range of shows and individuals nominated, and we were really excited to see that Amanda and April from Indie Intertube received TWO nominations. We have huge respect for them both and one of the highlights of our Fall Escapades was appearing live on their show and then being on the ‘Women in Webseries’ panel with them at Geek Girl Con. The IAWTV Awards are being held in Las Vegas in January during CES, and during the Indie Intertube show last night April announced that they will be moderating a panel and also presenting one of the Awards.

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Congratulations to ALL the nominees. Being nominated in the first IAWTV Awards is a huge achievement, and honour. This is the first of what will hopefully be a long history of IAWTV Awards shows, and you will always be part of the very first show. There are many shows and people I recognise and some I don’t, and I look forward to watching all of the nominees when we vote on the next round.

And I would also like to congratulate all those who submitted their shows to the awards. The odds of being nominated were quite small in some cases, and not getting a nomination shouldn’t be seen as a failure. I know for a fact some fantastic shows were not nominated, so you are in very good company (and I’m not just talking about ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!‘). I think Kim Evey put it best (and let’s face it, Kim knows what she is talking about!):

Kim Evey IAWTV phenomenal tweet

We thought about it for a long time before submitting, but ultimately I’m glad we did. The voting procedure meant that every single submission (and there were hundreds) had the possibility to be nominated. In the first round every submission in every category was assessed by IAWTV members as to whether it was eligible for an award. In some categories there were 150+ submissions to go through. We watched so many new shows and found so many great shows we had never even heard of before. But we didn’t vote on every one because we simply didn’t have the time. That’s ok, though, because the system was set up so that every submission had the opportunity to be voted on as many times as everything else.

We didn’t notice much of an increase in views during the nomination process, but we were competing in some of the biggest categories. Next time, we’ll be submitting a drama, and hopefully that will remain a slightly smaller category!

And a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to say they were disappointed we didn’t get a nomination. You all rock our world in many, many ways 🙂

There will be a list of all the webseries that submitted to the IAWTV Awards out soon, and we will link to it when it’s out. There are some hugely talented creators out there producing amazing work, and they deserve a wider audience.

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