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Geek Girl Con: ‘Women in Webseries’

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Women in Webseries Panel at Geek Girl Con 2011As the screening started at the ‘Women in Webseries’ panel. Photo by Em Higgins.

Yesterday in Seattle, the inaugural Geek Girl Con opened for business under the watchful eye of the Space Needle, and a new era in Girl Geekdom dawned.

After VCON last weekend, being on Indie Intertube LIVE in their studio in Victoria on Wednesday, and Geek Girl Con this weekend we have so much to post about, but for now here’s a little taste of the GGC ‘Women in Webseries’ panel.

From left to right the panel was:

Vanessa Driveness: Standard Action

Trin Miller: The Dirty Do-Gooders

Glynis Mitchell: Causality

Mary Higgins: Mind My Brains, Darling! and Border Guardians of Ackernon

Jane Espenson: Husbands

April ‘Destini’ Grant: Indie Intertube

Amanda ‘Shadavar’ Shockley: Indie Intertube

Josephine Hoy: Glitch

Joanna Gaskell: Standard Action

After I introduced the panel we showed promos from each of the shows, and you can see them here:

Paul Best (Director/writer of Border Guardians of Ackernon) filmed the panel for the Webseries Documentary we are making, ably assisted by Paul Higgins as floor manager. Thank you to the technical help from Laura Olsen and the EMP technician (whose name I have unfortunately forgotten). Paul B will be posting the whole panel to the Ackernon YouTube channel once he returns home later this week, and I’ll post more about GGC then.

It was a fantastic experience and a real pleasure to hear such creative women share their passion, humour and advice about working in this exciting new arena. And now I need some sleep….. 🙂

Say my name at Geek Girl Con

Outside the Panel room in the EMP. Picture by Paul Higgins



  1. Mary Baum  •  Oct 11, 2011 @8:23 pm

    Love this! Get some sleep, dahlin!

    Love to Joey, too!


  2. admin  •  Oct 11, 2011 @8:25 pm

    Thank you, Mary! It’s been such a busy few weeks but it was all worth it. And Joey was as wonderful as ever – she needs to come and live up here!

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