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“ProjectX” Production Log: Dolly Dilemmas

Production Log, webseries

Project X prologue screenshot

Inspector Koenig lays down the law. And paperwork.

So then, how are you?

We’ve been keeping tremendously busy preparing for our new webseries and working out how everything will, er, work. Who knew there was so much to do?? It’s all good, though, and things are racing along. Which brings us to this Production Log. I know lots of people are interested in webseries production: what goes on behind the scenes, what sort of decisions are made and why, how things are actually filmed.

Webseries production is relatively new and constantly evolving. We have limited personnel, funding and time, but I suspect that many others are in similar positions. This is bare-bones production, and all the more exciting for that. But the main things to know are:

  • we have an amazing script
  • a teaser prologue and a teaser trailer are under production at the moment
  • sets for the main series are under construction
  • costuming is 95% complete
  • Funding launch for Indiegogo.com is poised once the trailers are complete.

What’s going to be in this Production Log, then?

We will be using this blog as a Production Log, giving details of how we’re progressing in the production cycle, what challenges come up and how we’ve overcome the inevitable problems. Today we’re going to talk dollies. No, not Barbie and her friends.

From Wikipedia:

“In motion picture terminology, a tracking shot (also known as a dolly shot or trucking shot) is a segment in which the camera is mounted on a wheeled platform that is pushed on rails while the picture is being taken. One may dolly in on a stationary subject for emphasis, or dolly out, or dolly beside a moving subject (an action known as “dollying with”).

So how do you achieve a decent looking tracking shot without a steadicam or a dolly/truck?

If you can’t beg, borrow or steal one of the above, we have another suggestion. Try a cycle, a pushchair, a scooter or anything else with wheels to mount the camera on and take it from there. Here’s our solution from today’s shoot:

Bratz are dollies too

The Boy Wonder demonstrates his biking skillz. Yes, it’s his bike.

This gave us the height we needed for a sweet shot. It took a few passes to get it right but the results make it worth it. Don’t worry if your dolly doesn’t have sparkly streamers. You can easily pick them up at the Dollar Store/ Poundland. Customisation FTW.

Back to the fun!

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  1. AlanD  •  Aug 6, 2010 @11:18 pm

    Very clever! But doesn’t the sound of the little bell get picked up in the recording? *ching ching*

  2. admin  •  Aug 6, 2010 @11:46 pm

    The bell isn’t too much of a problem, but those clickety-clackers….!

  3. GrrAargh  •  Aug 7, 2010 @2:00 am

    Poundland is overpriced, I always go to the 99p Store for mine.

  4. samatwitch  •  Aug 7, 2010 @2:18 am

    I like the colour – I’m sure there are not many professional dollies that are that pretty. 🙂

  5. admin  •  Aug 7, 2010 @6:51 am

    GrrAargh: I find that the extra 1p really makes a difference in quality, though. After all, when it comes to cheap plastic tat you really get what you pay for.

    samatwitch: You are right -the colour really sold it for us 🙂

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