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Production Log: Animator Announcement – Welcome, Efehan!

Rainfall animated short screenshot

Rainfall, an animated short from Efehan and friends

We have an Animator!

‘Project X’ is an all-new, live-action Rom-Zom-Britcom webseries. We’ll be announcing the name shortly when we launch out Indiegogo campaign, but some news is just too good to wait. We have the scripts, the world and the theme tune – but what about the opening sequence? We wanted to do a short animation but neither of us has done much animation and have little time to learn. Plus – we wanted everything to be to the highest possible quality, and nothing we were capable of was going to cut it.

Twitter to the rescue

One of the people I met early on Twitter was Efehan. We both shared a love of The Guild and admiration for what Felicia Day has done in building her webseries and community. We talked on Twitter, shared links and built up a friendship. When I saw his animation ‘So Then, Don’t Wait’ I was blown away. Amazing work!

Here is his most recent reel:

Grass and Sky, Efehan’s Animation Reel 2010 from Efehan on Vimeo.

When we announced the new webseries, Efehan asked whether we would be ready for Fall because he is showing some of his work in Toronto. He wanted to know if we were interested in showing some of the new series, which is a great idea and one we were happy to agree to. The discussion developed and – hooray! Our opening sequence is now under the talented direction of a professional!

More soon

It is very exciting to have someone of Efehan’s ability and outlook on board with Project X. After enjoying each other’s work for a long time it’s a whole new experience to work together on something, and it’s invigorating. Thank you, Efehan! I can’t wait to be able to show everyone what we’re working on.

Don’t forget!

You can connect with us here:

On Twitter

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  1. Efehan  •  Aug 23, 2010 @1:22 pm

    Yeaaaaaaah! Exciiited!
    This is the best introduction ever 🙂

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