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    HigletFilms was created in 2010 by Mary Higgins (WorldofHiglet) and hubby, Paul, as a showcase for their experimental web video/new media/webseries/web tv work.

    Their new webseries, 'Mind My Brains, Darling!' is now showing on Blip.tv.

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How to Get A Head in Webseries – Bodyline.

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Sgt Chuck Kowalski from Mind My Brains Darling

Sgt Chuck Kowalski from Z Force

Can you name one way HigletFilms are different?

Before you start throwing around words like “hilarious”, “awesome”, “groundbreaking” and “who are HigletFilms?”, let’s cut to the chase. One thing that is immediately noticeable is that no faces are fully shown. Most of the time the only parts visible are from the neck down. Despite what you might think, this is done deliberately and not just because we forgot.

Why Bodyline?

Bodyline is the term we use for this technique, mainly ‘cos it sounds cool (it’s also been used in Cricket, but let’s not bother with that). There are several advantages this method of filming offers to the small, independent filmmaking outfit.

  • It allows the story to unfold without looking for someone you recognise.
  • The body language and the dialogue of the actors drives the story.
  • One actor can play many parts (good for low budget productions!) and prevents miscasting of actors in roles.
  • Negates the need for make up and hair to be fussed over
  • Simplifies lighting considerations
  • Allows for more imagination from the viewer
  • Dialogue can be recorded at a later date and overdubbed in or recorded during filming

And last, but not least – it makes your film stand out from the crowd. It’s different. Maybe it’ll be baffling for some people, but at least they’ll remember it, and in the end isn’t that what its all about?

Over to you

So, what do you think? Is bodyline a step forward or does it drive you mad? Answers on a postcard please (or a sealed down envelope)…or in the comments if you can’t find a stamp.

Project X

The trailers are nearly done and we’re looking to launch on Indiegogo in the next few days – exciting times! Keep up to date with all the news by following us on Twitter and if you could – please like us on Facebook. If we get to 25 ‘likes’ we can get a proper URL on Facebook which will help people to find us. Thanks 🙂



  1. modelmotion  •  Aug 15, 2010 @11:54 pm


  2. AlanD  •  Aug 16, 2010 @10:00 am

    Oh, it’s deliberate! I thought you were just really bad at framing (I was wondering if I should something) 🙂

    Now that you’ve outlined all the advantages of bodylining, I’m a little annoyed I didn’t think of it myself. I guess one downside is that you have to construct your scenes with a bit more care, as you don’t have as many visual cues to indicate who is speaking and who is looking at whom. Makes reaction shots a bit harder to pull off as well I imagine. I do have to say though that the one thing I like about wearing a mask, is that I don’t have to worry about whatever goofy-looking things I’m doing with my eyes.

  3. admin  •  Aug 16, 2010 @10:08 am

    You are right about the drawbacks – reaction shots and framing do require more planning but it is sustainable for shorts. If you look at editing for most series (web or tv) the camera is focussed on the person speaking.

    It’s not that different in bodyline except that the person speaking will also be emoting through the power of body language….actually that sounds wrong. Anyway, it does work 🙂

    As for the mask that the Masked Roger wears – I thought that was to hide his identity not his shifty eyes!

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